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mad struggles during work today. While i was excited that i actually got hours, it sucked that it was 8 hours straight. on a saturday. i kept thinking about how much i wanted to go for a run. now im sitting at home at 11 and thinking that now may be a good time to go for a run. its kind of late though.

my diet is going well, officially started that today. had a smoothie for b-fast, salad, small amount of choco-covered almonds for lunch, and a pbj with some cheese and crackers. i miss feeling full, but i need to realize that feeling full is just going to make me feel worse. and that eating just to get by is what i need to do. not eat just to eat.

lately i've been hanging out with nick. im going to get hurt and i know it, but for now its okay. he;s leaving soon. i did think it was weird that he brought up getting skype for when he was at school, and made a face when i said it was cute so he could talk to his parents. he's so bad at lying its not even funny. i know youre getting it so you can talk to ali who is going to be in europe.

i need to just stop talking to him all together, but i just can't. at least im not all teary eyed about it now.
sigh, alright im going for a run. peace out.
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